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My Journey


There are two sayings if you walk the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. One is "Buen Camino" which means good journey and is said to most any pilgrim as a salutation. The other is, "Your real camino starts when you return home."

My home camino (journey) began one rainy, dreary spring day in Chicago, when I was ill, congested, and achy. I realized I needed to eat something, so I sautéed a few cloves of garlic, reached into the cabinet, and blindly pulled out spices. A little voice within, instructed me to write down the measurements. I promptly obeyed and I sprinkled the spice mixture over the garlic, added chopped vegetables, a handful of cashews, and the juice of one lemon. After eating the concoction twice that day, I felt better, and well, yum!

I’ve learned it's best to always honor that small inner voice, and my Divine Inspired Spice blend is the product of that day.

I put it in or on almost anything, meats, vegetables, fruits, sauces, dressings, avocado toast, apple cider vinegar, whiskey drinks, as a tea, in coffee. I've even made a chocolate with it.

My Last Best Chocolate also contains my Divine Inspired Spice and has just enough whooha to make it not only taste good, but it also does good! Ten percent of proceeds goes to charity.

Enjoy, breathe deeply, and add flavor to your journey!​


Sasha Woods

Owner and professional pilgrim on an amazing journey!

Buen Camino!