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Camino Spice - The First Month

If you've read the story of how Camino Spice got started, you know that it is beyond me and what I can accomplish on my own. I truly believe there is a greater power working here, and I am just the vehicle. Once I decided to follow that small, inner voice, things began falling into place. Some of it has been a pretty steep learning curve, but just knowing I'm not doing this alone makes it all worthwhile.

Everyone along this path has been gracious, helpful, and kind. Whether it be the people at the Livingston Food Resource Center, where their incredible kitchen allows me the space to make everything for Camino Spice, or the incredibly welcoming business people (Foodworks, Heebs, Montana Gift Corral, Museum of the Rockies, Town & Country Foods Livingston and 11th St.) who have graciously taken a chance on the products of Camino Spice.

As you know, 10% of my chocolate sales goes to charity. If you order chocolate from my website, you get to choose the charity where you'd like it to go, but for the time being, I will choose where the money will go. This first month of business generated $121.60 in chocolate sales, and the decision as to where the money will be donated is an easy one. Without the Livingston Food Resource Center, I don't know where I'd be.

Thank you to everyone at the Livingston Food Resource Center, especially Michael (who keeps everything running), Vicki (who patiently works with me to schedule time in the kitchen, has thoughtfully guided me in many areas of this business, and who willingly will add my spice to some of the beautiful food she creates), Tina (who always has an interesting story or suggestion and shares her knowledge of food openly), Justin (who always has a smile, is there to open the cooler door when my hands are filled with trays of chocolate, and is a gifted taste tester), and Kelsey (who comments on how good the chocolate smells when it's being made and how nice the bars look when they are wrapped)!

THANK YOU LIVINGSTON FOOD RESOURCE CENTER as you help to eliminate hunger in Livingston, and Park County, Montana!

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