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'Tis the Season

Tis the Season!

It's upon us, the most wonderful time of the year! With parties for hosting, marshmallows for roasting, sometimes we just need to slow down and enjoy the ride.

This has been a great start for Camino Spice, and we're offering a great way to say thank you. This adorable, perfect little gift bag includes 2 small Divine Inspired Spices (1 Spicy and 1 Not So Spicy), 2 small Last Best Chocolates (1 Spicy and 1 Not So Spicy), and a free recipe that's perfect for entertaining!

Usually, an $18 item, as a thank you for a great beginning, it's being offered at $15, and free shipping.

The chocolate portion will still be donated to a charity listed on website, and if you spend more than $100, and you don't see your beloved charity on the list, you can write it in the comments section, and 10% of that sale will go to that charity!

Every Bite Helps!

Have a blessed holiday season. Take care of one another, be aware of everything today, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Buen Camino!

Sasha Woods

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