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Granola Recipe

With the closing of the store, many have reached out and wondered how their daily routine would be affected by not having their bowlful of Gluten-Free Gracious Granola. I've looked into getting a co-packer for both the spice and the granola and considered making it in my home and sending it on, but the kitchen is closed for now.

In the meantime, I am giving you my granola recipe (attached). It took a little bit of time to scale the recipe down, but it should work. I'm almost ashamed to admit how easy this is to make, but I can assure you, it's worth it.

A few little points about the recipe, it's in grams. It's got the cup/teaspoon equivalents listed, but if you have a digital scale, you should be able to change your units to grams. If not, you may have to experiment a little with the amounts.

Also, if you need spice, which is good on EVERYTHING, and have run out, there is a backstock of spice (and hot chocolate mix), so I am happy to send some to you. Use the coupon code: RECIPESPICE for a 10% discount. This coupon is only good until July 29, 2023, because that's when my house is scheduled to close, and I can assure you my focus will be elsewhere.

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Granola Recipe
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