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Spice up the season

From Sasha: Written by the very talented Payson Wick with whom I became acquainted earlier this summer. I approached him at a random music venue and started chatting. It turned out that his mom and I are second cousins, which makes Payson and I second cousins, once removed! What a random, yet not random occurrence!

The sun is setting earlier and earlier, pumpkins on the porch are sagging, and the cool breath of Jack Frost is biting at your heels.

Winter is coming.

The colder weather and shorter days are mother nature’s way of reminding you to slow down, reflect, and reboot for the rebirth of the new year and the new growth that comes with spring. Camino Spice has designed a variety of spice blends & spiced products to assist in the healing journey during this season.

Slowing down during winter is essential. The cultural shift of the last two years has reminded individuals of how valuable it is to use this time with intention. It makes room for you to see yourselves. To look inward through the gaze of a mirror and reflect on the lessons you’ve learned. See clearly what you can leave behind and what you can add in the upcoming year. And the lessons that you’ve learned. Using food spiced intentionally can inspire joy, presence, and happiness to make the most of this season.

Camino Spice will wow you every time!

The flavor it packs into each bite is your body feeling the power of Camino Spice. Using an assortment of spices known to release built-up tension on your brain, back, or bones. Inflammation has been attributed to causing headaches, arthritis, and a long list of other avoidable ailments. When the cold weather and long nights start weighing you down, incorporating Camino Spice into your daily routines can calm nerves and make room for the introspection that winter urges you to embark on.

Add it to your favorite soup recipe, take a bite of a Camino Spiced dark chocolate before bed, or sip on spiced hot chocolate sitting in your window watching each unique snowflake flutter softly through the air.

Camino Spice is the result of a moment of divinity following a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago through Spain. Adding micronutrients inspired by cultures from around the globe, these blends offer compliments to dishes sweet, savory, and everything in-between. It’s this novelty in flavor that allows the divinity to multiply. Giving you the freedom to experiment and find your own secret recipe to share with your loved ones & neighbors over feasts huddled in warmth protected from old man winter outside.

Whether shopping Camino Spices for yourself, a friend, or the mailman, understanding the wealth of health this gift offers amplifies the positive vibes infinitely this winter. The fact that it just tastes damn good is entirely an added bonus. There really is no better way to spice up the season.

Enjoy, breathe deeply, and add flavor to your journey!


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