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To Everything, There is a Season. It's Camino Season!

Time is a funny thing in that once you feel like you have enough, the clock starts moving faster. The world sages have said that time is a human invention, and I believe it. Have you ever taken a day to live without time? A day where you haven’t looked at your watch and just been in that moment without having to be or do anything? What would you do with that gift of time?

In India, they believe each person has a certain number of breaths, so instead of breathing shallowly, they learn to breathe deeply and make each breath count. They follow the breath through the nose, into the brain, heart, and belly. They hold it at the end and begin the exhale deep in the belly, follow it through the heart, the brain, and out the nose, and hold.

The Bible mentions that there is a season for everything. A time to reap and a time sow. There is truth in that as well.

Camino Spice was started because of a spice blend that came to me when I was sick one spring day. Ultimately, that blend led me to Livingston where I opened a small Kosher kitchen, and retail space where I sold my products.

I grew my line with an Award-Winning Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix and won a “Best of Montana” award last year. I put my heart into the space and the products. Everything was filled with the secret ingredient of love, from each individually wrapped chocolate to every pan of gluten-free granola.

The shell and the name drew people to me, the store, farmer’s markets, and to the products in stores or online. They knew there was a story behind it, and often times they sought it out. Sharing the story has been one of my biggest joys.

To everything, there is a season.

The decision to close Camino Spice was difficult. It is time for me to camino again, to be on the road to see where life leads. I am humbly grateful for all customers and pilgrims I have encountered along the way.

Perhaps the store will open again in another time and space, but that is up to the universe.

In the meantime, there are sales in-store until the end of March, so please stop by Wednesday - Friday 11 am -4 pm (113 W. Park St in the back of the building). Sales will be online while supplies last.

Buen Camino!


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